Temporary Facility Proposal

If you are looking for a team to develop a plan for implementing temporary facilities, then our company can help! Our company has 12 years of business experience in the event rental industry. Therefore, we can provide the expertise and resources to assist in the fight against the virus. This page provides a few things to consider. Knight’s Tent and Party Rental.

Structure Tents

24 Hour Heating Solutions

Each 40x80ft Structure Tent will hold 12 rooms. Each room 10x15ft.

Prepare and ready to discuss emergency structures. Medical Tent and Structures – ( Knight’s Tent and Party Rental ) has the know how and expertise to get it done. Complete with divided rooms, air conditioning, heating. We can bring in large commercial grade generators to distribute power to each room. Our company can also install duct work to distribute the air to each room.

24 Hour Lighting

Any outdoor facility that will be operating around the clock will need to be able to see at night. Our company can provide 24 lighting to illuminate the facility

What has already been done?

For these small structures use Frame Tents 

Separate Rooms

Our company can divide the tent into separate rooms. We can distribute the power so that each room can have it’s own light switch and electrical outlets for equipment. We can also supply furniture.

Power Distribution & Maintenance

Power distribution will be critical to the implementation of any facility. Our company has the expertise to provide the right amount of power for the facility. We will handle the distribution of the wires and will routinely maintain the electrical and heating systems.

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